Educational Institute App Based on Salesforce

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Educational Institute Project Specification


Objects Created and Used in this App:

Department (custom)
Courses (custom)
Students (custom)
Groups (standard)
Dashboard (standard)
Reports (standard)
Campaigns (standard)

Master Detail Relationship

“Departments” and “courses” are in master detail relationship.
& “courses” and “assessments” are in master detail relationship.

Many to Many Relationship

“Courses” and “students” are in many to many relationship via junction object.

External ID Field

“Student” object have “student id” and “email” field as external id so that records in external sources could be matched with records in org while importing.

Unique Field

“Student” object includes “Email” which is also unique org wide to prevent duplication of student records.

Customized list views

“students” object list views are customized and have a separate list view of students by department.

Rollup Summary Fields

Department object have 2 rollup summary fields

1. Number of courses
This field counts the number of courses in the department.
2. number of students
This field counts the no. of students linked to this department.

Customized Lightning Pages

Customized Lightning Home page and record pages, page layouts, compact layouts
The App includes fully customized lightning record pages, page layouts and compact layouts according to the requirements so that it displays only the relevant information on time.

Profile Customization

Profile of the guest user (principal) is fully customized according to the need and he will be landing on institutional app after login and would be only viewing objects and records relevant to them.

Sharing Setting Setup

OWD (Org Wide Default) is set to private for all custom objects according to the use case here. And grant access using hierarchy is set which is providing access to all records to the principal.

Customized Reports

Fully Customized reports are provided in this app which are customized According to the requirements in summary and tabular formats with the accurate sharing accesses.

The guest user 1(jimmy Kelvin) is the Principal of the institute and can see all records.

View reports in reports tab>All folders>institutional reports>

Custom Report Types

Custom report types have been created to provide the org with relevant on point information.

Customized Dashboards

Dashboards are created and customized and have relevant filters to sort down the view with accurate sharing accesses.
The relevant dashboard is added to the principal’s home page so that he can view key points in a glance as soon as he login.

Customized Chatter Groups

Chatter Groups are made For Teachers and head of department to discuss important Topics.


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