Real Estate Management App Based on Salesforce

User will be login as real estate agent


Username & Password

Real Estate Management App Specification


The guest user will login as a real-estate agent.


Accounts (standard)
Contacts (standard)
Opportunities (standard) as “offers”
Products (standard) as “properties”
Campaigns (standard)

Record Types

“Property” object contains 2 record types

“Banglows” and “apartments” each having their own customized page layouts according to the requirements.

User management and profile customization:

Guest user(agent) profile is fully customized according to the needs and provides him the read, create & edit permission on his own records.

Agent’s profile is customized in a way that makes the real estate management app the landing app to land on at first after login and saves time.

Sharing Settings

The OWD (Org Wide Default) sharing setting of “campaigns”, “offers”, and “properties” objects are set to pubic read only so that that the guest user can get the whole view of the records although I know that this model not usually works for real world but in my case here it works.

Field level security

Sensitive field which should not be made visible to users other than real estate agents are hidden and only made visible to specific users i.e. guest user( agent)

Record pages, page layouts, compact layouts

Fully customized lightning record pages, page layouts and compact layouts are created according to the requirements.

Customized Home page

Home page is fully customized according to the need of agents as it would be the landing page of the app and should have all key points to be made visible to agents to start their day.

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