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Recruiting App Specification


Custom Objects

There are 5 custom objects which have been created in the system

1. Job positions
2. Candidates
3. Employment websites
4. Job Applications
5. Review

Master Detail Relationship

Master detail relationship have been provided between job applications object and the review object where review is the child. Recruiters can provide reviews on the job application object via related list “reviews”.

Rollup Summary Field (Custom Field)

There are two rollup summary fields on job application object as follows:

1. Number of reviews
2. Total rating

Formula Field (Custom Field)

1. Job application also contains a formula field called “average rating”
2. Job position object also have a formula field called days open which calculates the number of days the job is (or was) open.

Lookup Relationship

Positions object have a lookup relationship with user object with the field label of “hiring manager”.

Validation Rules

Rule 1: A validation rule on “close date” field in job position object which will provide error on save if close date is mentioned when job status is not set to “closed”.

Rule 2: A validation rule on ” job position” object which will give error on save if minimum pay of job is greater than maximum pay.

Custom Record Types

“Job position” object have two record types as follows

1. IT jobs (for jobs related to IT)
2. Other jobs (for jobs not related to IT)

Each record type here is attached to its customized page layouts showing the fields according to its requirements.

Field Dependency

Job application object also has a field dependency in which “functional area” is the controlling field to “job level” field.

External Id:

Candidates object contains 3 fields marked as external id

1. Email address
2. First name
3. Last name

So that candidates could be loaded into Salesforce org which are currently recorded outside the Salesforce environment.

Approval Process on Job Position Object

Approval entry criteria: status of job equals “New Position”

As soon as this criteria is matched the record can be submitted for approval to a user (example: recruiters manager)” Shahnoor Sajjad” in this case.
When the record is submitted it is locked from being edited and status field is updated to “pending approval”.
If record is approved it is unlocked from being edited, status field is updated to “approved” and an email is sent to submitter to notify that position is approved.
If record is rejected, it is unlocked, status field is updated to “rejected” and email is sent to the submitter to notify that position is rejected.


Reports are created in reports tab>All folders>recruiter reports folder.

Report 1: “Job position report “ contains

1. Row level summary formula “Avg pay” which calculates the average pay of the job position.
2. Conditional Highlighting is setup up on “avg pay” column.

Report 2: “job applications with review report”

A vertical bar chart showing candidates with their total ratings.
It’s a summary report where user can easily see the total rating and average rating by candidate.

Report 3: “Positions with and without applications and reviews”

Displays Job Positions with and without Job Applications and reviews.

Report 4: “Total Job Applications”

Displays number of reviews given on each job application record. Also displays total number of reviews.

Custom Report Type

Custom report type namely “Job positions with applications and reviews” has been setup to provide accurate information to reports and Dashboards.

Fully Customized Dashboard

Access dashboard in “dashboards” tab>All folders> Recruiters folder > “dashboard for recruiters”.

Fully customized Dashboard “Dashboard for Recruiters” is setup with filters, to filter the dashboards view by job application date.
Note: this dashboard will also be visible in the home page of recruiting app.

Customized Lightning Experience Pages

Customized Lightning Experience Pages has been created to increase productivity of users.

Record-level Security

Record-level security for these 5 objects is set to public read only.

Object Level Security

Read, Create & Edit object level security is given through the guest user’s profile to the guest user on these all 5 objects.

Custom Group

A private group has been setup for recruiting managers only to discuss the final thoughts before hiring. And the guest user has made part of it as a member.

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